Elegant Ubuntu Wallpapers – Free Desktop Wallpapers

Wallpapers – the life of our beloved editing rigs and fancy phones.

I’ve collated and made a great list of  Elegant Ubuntu Wallpapers. I have carefully selected a wide variety of Ubuntu wallpapers, and as listed below I like to think that they will make your desktop/PC screen display looks clean and elegant for their simplicity. It’s the small things – nice wallpapers can help turn your day around.

At least it does for me.

Ubuntu Metal by fibermarupok

Ubuntu metal wallpaper

Ubuntu 10.4 wallpaper pack by *9dZign


EgFox Ubuntu Tribal by Eg-Art


Ubuntu Brown leather distress by monkeymagico

Ubuntu orange-red wallpaper by neo74

While you are viewing those wallpapers on Deviantart, be sure to explore and look around the site. You will be sure to find some more wallpapers that you enjoy. Be sure to save them into a folder and if you want, create a custom wallpaper slideshow for your wallpaper. Simply select all the images, right click and press “set as desktop”. The images will go into a wallpaper theme and will automatically change in time. It’s delightful – and helps create some character to what else could be a motionless desktop.

Remember to select wallpapers that aren’t too familiar to your desktop icons, otherwise you will have a hard time finding your desktop icons – and when you are a busy photographer with tonnes of folders containing your client’s images, the last thing you want is a desktop that is hard to navigate and difficult to view.



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