Hey, welcome to Photoshop Blur. My name is Kurtis Blake and I’ll be your grissled professor, sitting on the edge of the desk, reminiscing about the life out in the field and dropping truth bombs so big you’ll forget about who Kristy is going out with and what happened on Stranger Things last night.

Okay – I’m not that old, but I’ve been in this game long enough to feel I should spread the knowledge and help any hopefuls to become fully fledged photographers.

This is the only website you will need to teach yourself everything you need to know in order to become the photographer of your dreams.

No, seriously.

You can legit teach yourself to take professional photos in whatever field your heart desires.

Events, Sports, Motorsports, Weddings or my personal favorite – Boudoir. You can learn everything you need to become a protog (professional photographer – see, you already learned something!) And you know the best part? I’ll show you how to get paid!

This photography website will become your tool of the trade, the resource to give you ideas, tutorials on how to take perfect photos and everything else. Just bare with me, recording over a decade of my professional life will take a while – make sure you bookmark this site!


Kurtis Blake    About Me

I started photography because I was in a dead end job. No prospects beyond becoming a manager (big whoop) and no formal education to try turn my life around. All that time that I was packing shelves, getting abused by customers and walking home through Hunts Point, NYC – at night – I was fuelled by my childhood ambition. To become a photographer.

Yup, sappy story but the best stories are true, no matter how sugary they are. Ever since I was a kid I had a camera in my little grubby hand, looking down that scratched view-finder taking photos of the world. Little did I know there was no film in the camera – my parents were cheapskates – but the joy and comfort I had using the thing brought me endless amounts of joy.

As I grew up, I was always tinkering with the family camera, saving up what money I found and saved to buy a roll of film. The 12 or so exposures on the roll went by in one afternoon of carefully planned failures. The exposure was always off, the image blurry, the subject messy – but with every roll of film I used and developed – my love for art grew.

Then came the teenage years and my life went off the rails and well. Insert every cliche you like, I probably did it.

Fast forward to my dead beat job and me finally doing something about my life that was going nowhere. I saved what few bucks I could, loaded up half my life on eBay and sold it to the highest bidder and purchased myself my first DSLR. A Canon 400D.

Then I hit the internet and learned everything I could to teach myself photography. Every night after work I’d take what I learned into practice and take photos all night. Exhausting my tiny 512mb memory card, filling it with endless terrible images. I’d take notes, record camera settings and experiment. Doing everything to wrap my head around this complex but amazing piece of Japanese wizardry.

Eventually, the hardwork started to bare fruit. I landed my first gig covering a 21st birthday of my now ex-girlfriend. I got paid $25 bucks for 8 hours of work and although I gag at how badly her parents ripped me off – I’m proud of that. It was a turning point.

As the quintessential phrase goes: fast forward 15 or so years and I’m (hard to believe I’m writting this) living off my work as a photographer. Actually, I’m a travel photographer now. I take photos of my travels, sell them and it keeps me going to the next destination. (BTW, I’ll teach you how to do this as well, if travel photography is your thing). I do some full blown gigs here and there but mostly I’m a digital nomad, my laptop and DSLR (A Canon 1DX MK-2 now) are my main luggage.

And you know what?

I’ve never been happier.

I know photography can turn a life around, it can lead to better things and it can open doors to any sort of life you want. If you are willing to learn.

My goal is to give you the help and knowledge that I scrapped from the internet and off my back from many years of taking photos and learning the craft. Consider it your free online tutorial in photography – your launchpad into the life you want.

Let’s begin.